easewatches.com predecessor is a small shopping site founded in Hong Kong.Since the company's Web site are very unique, it was acquired by a large network of company.Some partners  set up the Museswatches company.

easewatches.com is a shopping site which mainly sells high-quality women's fashion accessories.Museswatches is based on the quality of products and the goal is to lead the trend of women's fashion .We carefully select qualified manufacturers to cooperate.We ensure that all products sold on the Museswatches are authentic and price is reasonable. A complete after-sale protection are also attainable.

easewatches.com business purpose is to provide female shoppers with high-quality fashion products.So that women shoppers can spend affordable price to get better quality products.Then Women's unique charm can show in daily life.The idea of Museswatches  is to walk in the front of the fashion and lead the fashion trend, rather than blindly follow the trend.